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ImpactFlow Event Builder

Event Builder

Create beautiful pages and sell tickets.

ImpactFlow Partner Engine

Partner Engine

Get matched to partners for greater
exposure and impact.

ImpactFlow Has Powerful Social Media Tools

Social Media Amplifier

All-in-one social media dashboard makes promotion simple.

ImpactFlow Insights and Analytics

Insights & Analytics

The data you need to run the
best events.

We make event planning easy by automatically connecting your business or nonprofit to sponsorship opportunities.

ImpactFlow makes event planning easy with automated matching

No more hunting for ways to promote your business or cause. With ImpactFlow, opportunities come straight to your inbox.

ImpactFlow’s Partner Engine helps you plan better events in 4 simple steps:

  1. Tell us your needs or services you can offer, like beverages, catering, or venue. We send your request to matching partners.
  2. Make contact with potential partners using our built-in messaging feature and see who’s the right fit.
  3. Confirm your partnership and work directly with your new partner on the remaining details.
  4. Publish your event page and start selling tickets in an instant.
More Features

Raise awareness for your business
by sponsoring your first event.

List Your Business for Free

List Your Business for Free

Fundraise for your nonprofit by
partnering with local businesses.

List Your Business for Free

Register Your Nonprofit

Chip Enabled Card Reader turns your mobile device into a
mobile box office!

Connect to your device and swipe or insert your customer's card into the reader to process secure, encrypted payments.

Get the Reader

Find Partners for Your Event Needs

  • Restaurants and Chefs Restaurants & Chefs
  • Beverage Providers Beverage Providers
  • Great Causes Great Causes
  • Radio Stations and DJs Radio Stations and DJs
  • Event Spaces Event Spaces