It’s not our work life, it’s our life’s work.


ImpactFlow was born from the need to break down barriers between the business and nonprofit worlds to form effective partnerships that strengthen communities. We work with nonprofits, businesses, and individuals at the forefront of technology to drive innovative ways for organizations to connect and form mutually beneficial partnerships. Over time, we have evolved into a world-class event management platform and partnership engine — and are truly revolutionizing how organizations host and organize events.

ImpactFlow is a Certified B Corporation

In October, 2016, our company received certification as a B Corporation. We completed a rigorous assessment that measured business practices and the current positive impact in each of the following areas: Customers, Community, Workers, Governance and Environment.This prestigious designation is awarded to companies using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

ImpactFlow Office Space
ImpactFlow Office Space
ImpactFlow Office Space

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ImpactFlow Office Space

Our Team

The core of ImpactFlow is our people :)

  • Tyler Foreman
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Tyler Foreman
  • Armon Moore
    Co-Founder and
    Chief Creative Officer
    Armon Moore
  • Michael Hansen
    Sr. UI Designer
    Michael Hansen
  • Jeff Beford
    Director of Product
    and Growth
    Jeff Bedford
  • Jason Woys
    Chief Architect
    Jason Woys
  • Jon King
    Product Specialist
    Jon King
  • Rose Kearsey
    Customer Service Representative
    Rose Kearsey
  • Roberto Casanueva
    Customer Success Specialist
    Roberto Casanueva
  • Pamela Whisenhunt
    Full Stack Software Engineer
    Pamela Whisenhunt
  • Cade Scroggins
    Full Stack Software Engineer
    Cade Scroggins
  • Brian Sorhaindo
    Director of Sales
    Brian Sorhaindo
  • David Gallo
    Senior Account Manager
    David Gallo
  • Joshua Weisblum
    Senior Account Manager
    Joshua Weisblum
  • Ari Zeneli
    Account Manager
    Ari Zeneli
  • Sam Englander
    Account Manager
    Sam Englander

We are transforming one of the most important industries in our society, and we care about growing with great people.

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