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3 Ways to Convert Event Site Visitors into Ticket Buyers

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Now that you’ve caught the eye of a potential attendee for your next event, there are some easy and effective ways to guide them successfully through the ticket funnel.

Raising the conversion rate on your page translates to happy customers, better attended events, and higher revenue. Finally breaking through the clutter is hard enough, but what more can you do if they’re already looking at your event page?

Here are three ways to turn that bounce into a buy:


1). Design your event page to match your marketing aesthetic

It may sound like a no-brainer, but having consistent marketing visuals can help your credibility and make your audience remember you. Using a suitable color scheme and a few eye-catching photos or quick videos on your event page keeps buyers interested and engaged throughout the process. Color increases brand recognition by up to 80% according to a study by University of Loyola, Maryland, so don’t miss the opportunity to tailor your page to match your logo, promotional materials, and advertisements.

Using event sites like ImpactFlow can help bring your marketing vision to life while boosting conversion rates with their highly customizable event pages.


2). Event details are important, but stay simple

When writing your event information, use a storytelling approach to highlight crucial details but keep it straightforward and easy to read. You want your message to tell attendees what they can expect in an eloquent way without losing them mid-sentence. Use action verbs in your call-to-action, and write it as if you were speaking directly to them, like in this example:

Build your network, discover new ideas, and grow your business by attending our annual event!”


3). Make your call-to-action crystal clear

They’re on your page, and your beautiful description has sold them. Don’t make them search for the buy button! Put yourself in their shoes — you’ll realize that the ticket checkout process is more daunting than it seems, so make it effortless. The average form conversion rates for SaaS companies in the event industry is 8-11%, while ImpactFlow is 42%. When you minimize the number of clicks to buy a ticket, it equals an increase in attendees, higher conversion rates, and more money in your pocket.


Now comes the most important part — choosing the right platform to host your events

There are plenty to pick from, but beware! Many sites share data with affiliates, solicit attendees, and re-direct earned traffic to events that aren’t yours. After you decide on a trusted event ticketing platform, use these three event-insider tips and you’ll be on your way to hosting a successful event.


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