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How Willamette Week Uses
ImpactFlow to Simplify Ticket Buying

With Steph Barnhart, WW's Events and Marketing Manager

Hosting events was nothing new to Willamette Week, but they found it tough to remain organized throughout the process. Because their events cover a wide array of industries, all with a diverse attendee list, they needed simple and straightforward event pages with a slick check-out process. This lead them to search for a new and innovative ways to sell more tickets.


Payment Processing

WWeek wanted a ticketing site that complemented their accounting needs instead of complicating them. Through ImpactFlow payments, their team found a better fit for their record keeping structure that was cleaner and easier to manage.

Accept payments easily with ImpactFlow

Page Customization and Ease of Use

The ability to fully customize event pages was essential for the brand consistency of WWeek. By using the ImpactFlow software, ticket buyers could find the purchase button with ease, meaning one less email that the WWeek team had to deal with.

Customize Your Event Page with ImpactFlow

Partner Engine

WWeek offers their unique services as a potential media partner to those around the Portland community by promoting events. They have also seen a new crop of businesses and clients spring up for their advertising base, which is their main source of revenue.

Leverage Your Social Networks with Ease Using ImpactFlow


WWeek’s results from using ImpactFlow were immediate — they enhanced their events, streamlined operations, connected with local businesses, and created a better ticket experience for both attendees and staff. “I know I can trust the IF team to take great care of us as a partner — it feels like they want my events to succeed more than I do! (Which is a lot).” —Steph, Events Director at Willamette Week.

"As someone who produces multiple events in multiple industries each year, the ImpactFlow team has been swift, attentive, generous, efficient and flexible."—Steph, Events Director at Willamette Week

The Company

Willamette Week is a weekly alternative newspaper serving the Portland, Oregon area for the past 40+ years. This publication hosts multiple events per year in a wide range of industries including beer, music, politics, and festivals like their annual “Best of Portland” celebration. With a circulation of 70,000 copies per week in over 1,300 locations, Willamette Week is the ultimate guide to Portland culture.


Portland, OR

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