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Everything you need to create events, sell tickets, manage,
and promote events.

Create an Event on ImpactFlow


Customizable. Every event is different. Make your event your own with a customized ticket page tailored to your specifications.

Seamless. An all-in-one solution for fundraising events. Manage every aspect of your event from one simple dashboard.

Intuitive. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create a professional, custom-built event page and begin selling tickets.

Mobile-friendly. Sell tickets anywhere. Beautifully designed, media-rich pages are optimized for all mobile devices and browsers, no technical skills needed.

Modern Design. ImpactFlow event pages have a whole new look! Your events will stand out above the crowd.

Find Event Partners

We have what your event needs. Host better events by partnering with restaurants, breweries or bartenders, venues, and other businesses in your community.


Get business leads in your inbox. Raise awareness about your brand and reach new audiences by participating in events. Qualified leads for event opportunities come straight to you.

Select your needs. Hosting an event but need a venue, catering, or other feature? Our Partner Engine will send your request to businesses that meet your criteria and want to help.

Run a nonprofit? ImpactFlow automatically matches your nonprofit organization to companies that want to support causes. More sponsorships = greater ROI on your fundraisers!

Event promotion made easy. Each partnership you form taps into a network of influencers ready to showcase and share your business or organization with their audiences.

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ImpactFlow Connects You with Partners

Discover the Power of Cause Marketing

Engage your customers and employees in a whole new way, all while making an impact in your community.

Doing good is good for business
Employees and customers want businesses to give back, and they’re more loyal to the ones that do. ImpactFlow makes it easy to get started.

Find the perfect partner
There are a lot of nonprofits out there. By connecting with a nonprofit on ImpactFlow, you can be confident you’re supporting a verified, reputable organization.

Raise awareness
When you partner with a nonprofit for an event, you not only build goodwill with your customers, you build awareness of your brand among the nonprofit’s supporters.

More successful events
People love a good event. They love an event that gives back even more. Support a cause at your next happy hour, workshop, or dinner and watch your ticket sales grow.

Amplify Your Event on Social Media

Promote your event to your existing network and reach whole new audiences
with our social media Amplifier.

ImpactFlow's Amplify Feature


Built-in tools. Promote your event and track your reach on social media, right from your dashboard.

All-in-one. Connect all your social media networks and upload your member lists to reach your entire network of supporters with one click.

From attendees, to advocates. Let your network promote your event for you. Attendees are encouraged to use their social media influence for social good.

Watch your reach grow. All event partners are automatically reminded to help boost the signal for your event to their networks.

No social media manager? No problem. Pre-written, optimized messages are built-in. Publish to your networks with one click, or write your own instead.

Data-driven Insights and Analytics

The insights you need to run the best events. ImpactFlow’s data helps you grow
your network and reach your goals faster.


Measure. View invitations sent and see RSVPs, ticket sales, and social media amplifications in real-time.

Track. Built-in analytics tools let you view sales over time, track % proceeds for nonprofit partners, and view the influencers talking about your event.

Analyze. View stats from future, current and previous events to get insight into your event marketing tactics and the influence of your partnerships.

Identify. See which ticket buyers, fans and partners are helping to spread the word about your event to their networks.

Improve. Easy to understand metrics give you key insights on what works and what doesn't, so you can be better prepared for your next event.

ImpactFlow Provides Data-driven Insights and Analytics

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