ImpactFlow Live

Your mobile box office is here!

Use ImpactFlow Live at your next ImpactFlow event to give you and your guests a fast, stress-free check-in experience. Look up RSVPs, scan tickets, sell tickets at the door, and track event capacity on your iPad!

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ImpactFlow Live makes managing event check-ins and
onsite ticket sales easier than ever.

Manage onsite ticket sales and check-ins with ImpactFlow Live

Effortless Check-In

The built-in QR code and barcode ticket scanner will ensure your guests are check in with no wait time.

Sell Tickets at the Door

Accept all major credit cards and track check and cash ticket sales at the event site.

Sync on Multiple Devices

See customer names and answers to custom questions on multiple devices and check-in guests at every entrance.

Track Sales in Real Time

See all your ImpactFlow events in one place and built-in analytics tracks sales and attendance in real time!

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Download ImpactFlow Live!

Download ImpactFlow Live from the App Store

Chip Enabled Card Reader turns your mobile device into a
mobile box office!

Connect to your device and swipe or insert your customer's card into the reader to process secure, encrypted payments.

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Here's more, if you are wondering.

Can I Track Attendance with ImpactFlow Live?

Yes! ImpactFlow Live syncs data from all of your devices to give you an accurate, live look into your event attendance.

Can ImpactFlow Live Help with Event Entry?

Absolutely. You can scan tickets and look up guests at lightning speed, while also ensuring that tickets are only used once.

Can I Sell Tickets with ImpactFlow Live?

Definitely. You can accept cards, cash and check to provide a smooth check out process for ticket and merchandise purchases.

How Much Does ImpactFlow Live Cost?

ImpactFlow Live is free to use. Just download it from the App Store and you are ready to go.

Get started with ImpactFlow Live!

Download ImpactFlow Live from the App Store