Event Flow

  • 8:00 a.m.
    • Registration
  • 9:00 a.m.
    • Keynote: Tyler Bryson, Microsoft
  • 10:00 a.m.
    • Visionary Sessions
      • Enterprise Security
      • Modern Workplace & Business Applications
      • Data & Analytics
      • Cloud Infrastructure

      Trends in Cybersecurity

      Join Special Agent Lee from the Portland FBI to look at the regional, national, and international landscape of cybersecurity.

      Preparing for augmented business applications in the PowerPlatform, Teams, and SharePoint

      Office 365 and Azure are an undisputed success, making Microsoft the most valuable company in the world.

      Yet we are still only a few years into a 20 year transformation of how Microsoft helps companies succeed.  Microsoft will continue to be a foundation for building applications, with the stated goal to "empower every person and organization to achieve more".  But Microsoft will also increasingly becoming an active participant in business processes that are automated by the PowerPlatform, Teams and SharePoint.  This is a dramatic shift in the way IT professionals think about applications going forward.  This session will help you position your company (and yourself) for greater success as your company either begins the move to the cloud, or as you seek to realize more value from your Office 365 investment.

      AI and Machine Learning in the Enterprise

      Over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the US have a Cloud First strategy for data and applications.

      Today nearly half of all apps available in every app store have some level of AI or Machine Learning built into them, and it all starts with data.

      Craig Tiffany

      Speaker:Craig Tiffany

      The Future with Azure

  • 11:00 a.m.
    • Strategic Sessions
      • Enterprise Security
      • Modern Workplace & Business Applications
      • Data & Analytics
      • Cloud Infrastructure

      Microsoft Cloud Security Overview

      Gartner predicts that through 2020, 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.

      The naive belief that cloud providers are entirely responsible for their customers’ security means that many enterprises are failing to address how their employees use external applications, leaving them free to share huge amounts of often-inappropriate data with other employees, external parties and sometimes the entire Internet. So, what can they do? What options are available for organizations who do want to protect their information when using a Cloud Service like Office 365? Microsoft Office 365 and Azure offers numerous methodologies to protect your data. Data Loss Prevention, Risky Sign-ins, Encryption, Information Protection, etc. are just a few options of security technologies you can use. But when do you use what? In this session, we will provide you an overview of all the technology available with guidelines on what to use when. Are you looking for an overview of Microsoft Cloud Security? This is the session you can’t miss.

      Jethro Seghers

      Speaker:Jethro Seghers

      PowerPlatform Strategy

      Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and Power BI built with Dynamics unlocks opportunity for the enterprise to build business applications rapidly. In this presentation Derek Nishino will provide a strategic overview of the possibilities.

      Derek Nishino

      Speaker:Derek Nishino

      Power BI Use Cases and Licensing

      Businesses across the Pacific Northwest are bringing Power BI to mobile devices, public facing websites, extranets, and far beyond the online service. This presentation will demystify what types of Power BI licensing your organization will need to bring Power BI to your customers, your mobile employees, on-premise, and everywhere you can imagine.

      Martin Wells

      Speaker:Martin Wells

      Azure Scaffolding

      Businesses need to ensure regulatory requirements are complied with, consumption of cloud services are billed to the correct business units and maintain security across the environment. Governance needs to be considered early in cloud adoption to ensure the successful use of the cloud within the enterprise.

      Randy Oldfield

      Speaker:Randy Oldfield

  • 12:30 p.m.
      • Enterprise Security
      • Modern Workplace & Business Applications
      • Data & Analytics
      • Cloud Infrastructure

      Finding Cybersecurity Workers through Military Veterans

      For more information on this project visit

      Rick Kam

      Speaker:Rick Kam

      Become an active Computer Science volunteer in local schools

      For more information on this project visit

      Speaker:Helen Henry

      How local IT leaders can help the City of Portland solve civic challenges

      For more information on this project visit

      Skip Newberry

      Speaker:Skip Newberry

      Defibrillators and IoT

      Join Marquam for a discussion on bringing real IoT solutions to market.

      In this presentation we will look at AED Sentinel ( and how Computer Vision is bundled with IoT to bring a solution to market.

      Chad Layman

      Speaker:Chad Layman

  • 1:00 p.m.
    • Technical Sessions
      • Enterprise Security
      • Modern Workplace & Business Applications
      • Data & Analytics
      • Cloud Infrastructure

      Securing O365 & Azure AD with MFA

      In this presentation Patterson Cake will run through a scenario based on a real-world incident he responded to and helped remediate earlier this year: spear phishing campaign, senior HR resource gives away creds, more creds compromised, mad dash to enable Azure MFA, what worked, and what didn't. Names changed to protect the innocent.

      Speaker:Patterson Cake

      The Journey from Skype to Microsoft Teams Just Got Real

      What does the roadmap from Skype to Microsoft Teams look like, how far down the path is Microsoft already, and what is going to happen next? How seriously should you be looking at Microsoft Teams?

      Owen Allen

      Speaker:Owen Allen

      Story Telling with Data using Power BI

      Got lots of data, but not sure of what to do with it? This session will walk you through the best steps to get the most insightful story from your dataset. Demo will be using free data from a variety of data sources; we will transform the data into a story that will either raise aditional questions or solve an existing issue.

      Denisha Malone

      Speaker:Denisha Malone

      The Tolstoy Principle - Advanced DevOps Techniques To Reveal the Hidden Potential of Your Organization

      "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Half a decade into DevOps, we've seen some organizations make the leap into DevOps very successfully - and several very spectacular disasters. Something very simple and fundamental separates the winning approaches from the failed transformations.

      Over the past two years we've interviewed thought leaders from Microsoft, Google, Etsy, Puppet, TicketMaster, Humana, Chef, and others to try to solve this mystery. We'll present the results of this research and expose some hidden pitfalls and misconceptions that often stall out large enterprises. Metrics will take center stage as we demonstrate how to make your approach phased, low-risk, and wildly successful in improving the way your customers deliver and support software. This will be a highly interactive session as we want your stumpers and specific scenarios as a foundation for our discussion.

      Dave Harrison

      Speaker:Dave Harrison

  • 2:00 p.m.
    • Technical Sessions
      • Enterprise Security
      • Modern Workplace & Business Applications
      • Data & Analytics
      • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Technical Focus
    • SIEM for Azure

      Why utilizing threat detection in the cloud is important. Choosing an effective solution.
 Maintaining the solution.
 What to monitor
. Outsourcing may be more cost effective

      Tyler Hardison

      Speaker:Tyler Hardison

      Microsoft PowerApps

      Description coming soon.

      Democratizing the Data Lake

      Presto is a distributed ANSI SQL engine designed for running interactive analytics queries. Presto outshines other data processing engines when used for business intelligence (BI) or data discovery because of its ability to join terabytes of unstructured and structured data in seconds, or cache queries intermittently for a rapid response upon later runs.

      Presto can also be used in place of other well known interactive open-source query engine such as Impala, Hive or traditional SQL data warehouses.

      Why Presto is better suited for ad-hoc queries than other engines like Apache Spark

      How to jumpstart analysts across your organization to harness the power of your big data

      How to generate interactive or ad hoc queries or scheduled reports using Qubole and Presto

      Real-world examples of companies using Presto

      Azure Site Recovery

      Cloud based business continuity and disaster recovery is one of the most commonly adopted solutions. This presentation will cover common questions, licensing costs, and technology considerations behind Microsoft Azure’s disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

      Randy Oldfield

      Speaker:Randy Oldfield

  • 3:00 p.m.
    • Technical Sessions
      • Enterprise Security
      • Modern Workplace & Business Applications
      • Data & Analytics
      • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Technical Focus
    • Data Loss Prevention in Office 365 and SharePoint Online

      With the journey to the cloud, companies try to protect their data by adding additional layers of security.

      One of those security measurements that Office 365 provides is Data Loss Prevention or DLP. It was already available for quite some time in Exchange Online, but it also made its way into SharePoint Online. In this session, we are going to cover why and how to use DLP in Office 365 and SharePoint Online to prevent sensitive data from leaving the company. With DLP we are going to show how to add another layer of business security based on data-driven by business. Make your data more secure with Data Loss Prevention.

      Jethro Seghers

      Speaker:Jethro Seghers

      Automating the SharePoint site provisioning process.

      Manage the SharePoint site sprawl and create the right sites for the right users.

      We will explore the basic site provisioning capabilities that SharePoint Online provides and then show how we can automate this with a request, approval and fully automated creation process.  And then we can layer on policies so that orphaned sites are automatically deleted when they are no longer needed.

      Kyle Petersen

      Speaker:Kyle Petersen

      Power BI and Azure Cost Management: Saving money during your deployment

      This is a deep dive into the new Azure Consumption Insights connector and how you can flexibly visualize your Azure spending in Power BI.

      Chris Weis has been collaborating with the Azure Cost Management product team and built a dashboard to monitor Columbia Sportswear’s Azure consumption. This presentation applies to everyone deploying Azure with an Enterprise Agreement. Chris will also include tips for saving money on Power BI, show PowerApps for data-writeback within a dashboard, and offer a few visualization tricks.

      Azure Serverless Architecture

      Serverless Computing offers numerous advantageous in terms of billing, scalability, and reduced infrastructure. Samuel will describe the Azure services which enable a serverless platform to developer intelligent applications faster than ever.

      Samuel Adranyi

      Speaker:Samuel Adranyi

  • 4:00 p.m.
    • Reception and drinks at the Convention Center

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